Welcome back students…..and abusers?

Many campuses are returning back for the new school year and with a long list of worries from college why must students add on sexual assault to their list?  In recent years there have been many reports on sexual assault on various college campuses and the number continues to grow. It seems like there has been a surplus of sexual […]

Sexual Assault Awareness by Cynthia Rinaldo

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is here! The Grateful Garment Project would like to use this time to inform you of the history of this movement, and raise awareness about sexual assault.      Movement against sexual awareness can date back to the late 1970’s when Take Back the Night marches were started in England. […]

Teen Dating Violence

By Anna Tseselsky, Contributing Blogger. Did I ever turn in that essay due last week? What am I doing this weekend? When does the next season of Scandal come out? These are the innocent questions teenagers should be asking ourselves, not whether or not our dating partner will abuse us. Unfortunately, for many of us […]

Senior Class Project Boosting TGGP in 2016-17

Jane Oberhauser and Genevieve Duflock are high school students in the Saratoga-Los Gatos National Charity League. Their class adopted The Grateful Garment Project as its senior class project for the 2016-2017 year. Jane and Genevieve wrote this post explaining why the class is supporting us, and what they will be doing throughout the year. You can meet the students […]

Pack-It-Forward Third Quarter: Sweatshirts!

By Cristina Dilorio, TGGP Intern As the Super Bowl draws near, we focus not on the sport or athletes, but those who are affected by sex trafficking. Law enforcement expects a spike in reported cases due to this huge and popular event, which is why we are encouraging large amounts of donations in the coming […]

Pack-It-Forward’s Second Quarter: Sweatpants

By Nadia Malek, TGGP Intern Last week, we kicked off our countdown to the Super Bowl with First Quarter donations: new backpacks. Our goal is 250 full backpacks by Super Bowl Sunday to give to rescued commercially sexually exploited children and human sex trafficking victims. The backpacks as well as the items that go in them […]