Heather Marlowe has Something to Say. Please Listen.

By Barbara Otto, VP – The Grateful Garment Project – September 11, 2014 In a room of 30 people, you might not notice Heather right off the bat. She isn’t extremely tall. Her hair isn’t pink or blue or purple. Her clothing isn’t overly flashy. She isn’t very young or very old. She’s the woman […]

Why I Volunteer

I wake up every weekday at 4:30am. Finally, about 20 minutes later I get out of bed and go to the gym. After the gym, I get home, cook breakfast and make lunch for my daughter, then off we go, she to school, and I to work. This routine is new. I’ve been working on it […]

Preventing Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Because One Is Too Many

by Robin Lynn Griffith, May 3, 2014 There has been a lot of news lately on what many victims have experienced as a lack of response from College and University Administrations around the reporting or prevention of sexual assaults on campus. Nationwide since 2010, the Federal Government has been investigating 55 Colleges and Universities for […]


#Denim Day is April 23, 2014 and will focus on educating the community at large on the legal definition of consent (denimdayusa.org). By Barbara Otto – Coordinator – Gathering for Garments I’ll bet that everyone you know owns at least one pair of jeans. What is it about denim that makes it so appealing? A […]

Your Impact on the World Makes a Difference

You may not realize it, but your impact on the world makes a difference.  For every contribution you make to TGGP, every article of clothing you give, every donation you commit to, you can positively affect the lives of people in need.  The Grateful Garment Project seeks to bring together like-minded people to help.  When Sexual Assault […]

This is the Month

This year has flown past!  We find that November is already upon us.  The leaves are falling, people are already shopping for holiday gifts, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As we reflect upon this year, there’s a lot to give thanks for. We give thanks for our health, our well-being, and our safety. For […]

Meet Christine Castillo – Executive Director of Verity

Verity is a Community-Based Organization (CBO) that supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Verity views sexual assault as a form of oppression that destroys the lives of survivors and their families. It strives to facilitate healing, and also to promote the prevention of domestic violence by providing counseling, advocacy, intervention, and education in its communities. Christine Castillo […]