Board of Directors

Barbara OttoBarbara Otto – Board Chair: I welcome the opportunity to serve the community by doing whatever is in my power to assist victims of sexual violence. Every time a survivor receives an item from The Grateful Garment Project it is much more than the thing itself. It is an affirmation that someone cares. I am proud to be that someone.

Deepa Bhat – Treasurer: The tireless efforts of The Grateful Garment Project and each volunteer in helping restore dignity to victims of sexual assault are truly inspiring. I am honored and deeply humbled to be part of an Organization with such a strong sense of purpose and commitment to helping people in their time of need.

Amee Desai – Secretary: Everyone can agree that sexual assault is absolutely horrific, but how many of us stop to think what happens to these victims when they finally have the courage to speak up. Even after their terrifying experience, victims are required to endure so much physical, mental, and emotional pain – a hospital exam is an ordeal in and of itself. After all this, individuals deserve love and respect and I believe The Grateful Garment Project is doing its part to give just a little bit of that love and respect back to these individuals. I am truly honored to be a part of this incredible mission and hope you are inspired to join us too.

grateful_garment-5William Cotter – Board Member at Large: Having served in the United States Air Force as a Military Police Officer, I understand sexual violence from the law-enforcement aspect. Sexual violence is one of the rare crimes where the victim may feel guilty, fault them self or even worse, be unwilling to seek support due to feeling ashamed or fearful of what others may think. Whether it is by means of new clothing or another way, I serve to help return dignity to survivors and encourage the process of healing. Law-enforcement can only do so much. This is a job that involves everyone in the community.

Nandini Rao – Board Member at Large: I am both excited and humbled to be a part of an organization that believes in restoring dignity to victims of sexual violence. It is truly inspiring to see how Lisa has channeled her capstone project into a non-profit organization that is doing some amazing work. As a staunch advocate for women’s rights, being able to provide for these victims after such an agonizing event is just a small way that I can give back. Looking forward to supporting TGGP’s programs and operations with a focus on expansion.

Michele Grisham – Board Member at Large: TGGP’s mission truly touched me.  There are really no words to properly describe the horror of being sexually violated.  Anything that I can do to help those survivors is important to me personally.  Volunteer Chrysta Torres and I are co-leading an important drive to collect 20,000 sports bras in 2017, known as Operation emBRAce.  Sports bras are one of the most requested items by sexual assault victims, and yet they are one of the least donated items.  Allowing victims to go home without proper support is unacceptable, and you can help us solve this challenge.


Interested in sharing your time, talents and treasures by becoming a Board Member?

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