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What Difference do Dollars Make ?

  • $25 provides snacks for three victims who have not eaten since they experienced sexual violence.
  • $50 restores dignity with a full outfit for a victim of sexual violence. We do not want any woman, man, or child to be forced to go home in a paper hospital gown.
  • $125 fills a backpack with personal care items, clothing, and no-heat-prep food for a victim of human trafficking.
  • $250 allows five victims of sexual violence the comfort of a full outfit to replace their paper hospital gown.
  • $500 fills five backpack with new clothing, personal care items, comfort items, and food and water for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children.
  • $1000 provides one month of supplies for a local SART facility – all clothing, food, and personal care items to support their patients.