Pack-It-Forward And Give a Gift of True Meaning


By Nadia Malek, TGGP Intern

While we are buying gifts for our friends and loved ones this holiday season, taking a few minutes to buy much needed items for someone victimized by human trafficking will make all the difference in the world. The Grateful Garment Project’s Pack-It-Forward program needs your help to do just that, as a program that helps restore dignity to commercially sexually exploited people.

Universally backpacks are used for a number of different reasons, like for school as an efficient way to store materials in a compact manner. However, what if something as simple as a backpack could change a child’s life? What if that backpack was the sole reason that a child victimized by human trafficking will feel safe again? The Grateful Garment Project (TGGP) is launching its Pack-it-Forward program in time for the Super Bowl, known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.

By giving a backpack to each child rescued from human trafficking, TGGP is looking to aid the child’s recovery process by giving a sense of security over his or her own body. The backpacks include a number of items to help them feel more secure. Currently TGGP is seeking donations of the following items to be place in the Pack-It-Forward backpacks leading up to the Super Bowl:

Donations are crucial to making sure no child is left out. Items can be mailed to 1821 S. Bascom Avenue, #206, Campbell, CA 95008, or dropped at our San Jose office at 1777 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 2010, San Jose; call for office hours. If you order an item and have it shipped directly to us, make sure you indicate it as a gift item from you, with your contact information, so we can acknowledge your donation.

We ask that you join us this holiday season in giving a child his or her self-worth back after it was wrongfully stripped from them through human trafficking. We help return dignity to victims of sexual violence, and you can be part of that by donating to Pack-It-Forward. Thank you!

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