Pack-It-Forward’s First Quarter: Donate Backpacks to Help Rescued Sex Trafficking Victims

By Cristina Dilorio, TGGP Intern

The-Grateful-Garment-Project-Pack-It-Forward-donate-backpacks-restore-dignityIt’s time to kick off our countdown to the Super Bowl with our First Quarter donations – backpacks!

Last week we shared how you can join the team to help restore dignity to commercially sexually exploited children and human sex trafficking victims through our Pack-It-Forward program. Our goal for the first quarter is 250 backpacks, which will be given full of clothing and other comfort items to the victims of sexual exploitation after being rescued. The backpacks will serve as a something that will aid a victim’s healing process.

Imagine coming out of an emotionally and physically scarring situation with barely anything, and being given something that will provide safety, hygiene, and comfort. Something as simple as a backpack of donations from people who care could take part in changing a victim’s life—and you could be part of that reason. And donating now to Pack-It-Forward is the perfect way to honor January’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Backpacks can be mailed directly to 1821 S. Bascom Avenue, #206, Campbell, CA 95008, or dropped off at our San Jose office at 1777 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 2010, San Jose. Call 408-674-5744 for hours. If you want to be acknowledged for your donation, make sure you let us know it is from you, along with contact information.

It is crucial that we meet our goals for each quarter, so here’s a rundown of the rest of the quarters in the coming weeks:

Second Quarter (Jan. 18 – 24): Sweatpants

Third Quarter (Jan. 25 – 31): Sweatshirts

Fourth Quarter (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7): Sports Bras

We’re also accepting donations for the following items:

Join our team to restore dignity to victims of sexual violence. Thank you!


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