Pack-It-Forward’s Second Quarter: Sweatpants

By Nadia Malek, TGGP Intern

the-grateful-garment-project--pack-it-forward-restore-dignity-sweatpantsLast week, we kicked off our countdown to the Super Bowl with First Quarter donations: new backpacks. Our goal is 250 full backpacks by Super Bowl Sunday to give to rescued commercially sexually exploited children and human sex trafficking victims. The backpacks as well as the items that go in them all go toward The Grateful Garment Project’s, Pack-it-Forward program, which strives to restore dignity to commercially sexually exploited children and human sex trafficking victims. So far we have 66 donated backpacks, which means you can still take part in the ensured success of this project by donating one or more before the Super Bowl. With that said, it is time for our Second Quarter donations: new sweatpants!

When a victim is rescued from Human Sexual Trafficking and/or Commercial Sexual Exploitation often all they have is the clothing on their backs. Many times those same clothes are sparse and skimpy. Once they are safe, they are in need of some basic resources. The Grateful Garment Project’s Pack-It-Forward Program is designed to answer this immediate need.

Generally, we wear sweatpants for a number of different reasons, however, most of the time they serve as comfort and warmth. The sweatpants give rescued victims something to wear on their journey home with one less reminder of what they went through. Following a traumatic event, anything to make a victim feel safe, warm, and secure will greatly aid their recovery process.

The month of January is dedicated to Human Trafficking awareness which is all the more reason to get involved! If you’re interested in donating, new sweatpants can be mailed directly to 1821 S. Bascom Avenue, #206, Campbell, CA 95008, or dropped off at our San Jose office at 1777 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 2010, San Jose. Call (408)-674-5744 for hours. Please join The Grateful Garment Project in restoring dignity to victims of sexual violence.

Also, please note the remaining quarters for the Pack-it-Forward Program:

Third Quarter (Jan. 25 – 31): Sweatshirts

Fourth Quarter (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7): Sports Bras

We would also greatly appreciate donations of the following items:

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Together we’re restoring dignity to victims. Go Team!