TGGP Receives Largest Grant Ever From Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Grateful Garment Project (TGGP) is excited to announce we received a $25,000 unsolicited grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation of Palo Alto, the largest grant ever received in the organization’s four-year history. The grant represents a significant contribution to helping California’s victims of sexual violence, including commercially sexually exploited children and human sexual trafficking victims.

“The grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation was a beautiful and unexpected surprise. To date it is our largest single grant. I began to cry tears of joy upon reading the letter and seeing the check,” said TGGP Executive Director Lisa Blanchard.

The mission of TGGP is to ensure that every victim of sexual violence who crosses the threshold of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) facility, or who seeks medical attention and/or law enforcement involvement, is provided with whatever new clothing, toiletries, snacks, and other miscellaneous items that he or she may require. The organization currently stocks clothing closets and supplies local service providers at 61 locations in 25 of California’s 58 counties.

There are 25 organizations on a waiting list for TGGP’s services, according to Blanchard and Board President Barbara Otto. The grant will ensure that more organizations are able to help victims across the state.

“TGGP is thrilled to accept this generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This grant allows TGGP to continue to fulfill our mission of returning dignity to victims of sexual violence,” said Otto.

Since many victims of sexual assault are asked to surrender their clothing as evidence following a SART exam, a set of new clothes to wear home—instead of a hospital gown—can be a crucial start in the healing process. Sexual assault affects all socioeconomic, ethnic and age groups, including men, the elderly and children; TGGP clothing closets are stocked with new clothing of all sizes, from toddler to adult 5X.

Other items TGGP provides are important for aiding victims, too. Toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap help victims to freshen up after forensic examinations. Snacks do more than just soothe hunger, they also aid in the digestion of multiple pills taken during treatment. In some instances TGGP supplies bus passes for counseling appointments. The group also trains hospital, law enforcement and nonprofit staff when new clothing closets are established, and works to build awareness of SART exams and sexual violence in the community.