Your Impact on the World Makes a Difference

You may not realize it, but your impact on the world makes a difference.  For every contribution you make to TGGP, every article of clothing you give, every donation you commit to, you can positively affect the lives of people in need.  The Grateful Garment Project seeks to bring together like-minded people to help.  When Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) facilities need clothes for sexual assault victims to wear home, we give them your donated sweatshirts and pants.  When Community Based Organizations (CBOs) care for rape victims, the packs of underwear, toothbrushes, and blankets you donated are right there with them.  We pool together resources in order to better assist these response agencies. Your impact can be directly traced to the neighborhood organizations where 100% of your donations go towards the support of victims of sexual violence, by those who are helping to change this world alongside you

When you give to the The Grateful Garment Project, we make sure help gets to victims in need.  Often, people don’t realize they have the resources and time to help.  They want to help, but they don’t know how.  Even small contributions go a long way with TGGP, and during this time of giving, we thank you for giving what you can to help our cause.

Your donation goes to the right place, at the right time.  For more details about types of donations and how to donate, please visit us here.