Oakland Highlands Hospital: TGGP’s Special Project

The Grateful Garment Project took on the task of creating a more peaceful and comfortable space in the Oakland Highlands Hospital SART facility. Part of TGGP mission is to help reduce any further impact of discomfort for victims who have entered SART facilities (or related service centers) after sexual assault. It is our belief that […]

What Is SART?

Sexual Assault Response Teams are designed to ensure that victims of sexual assault are given a broad range of care and services that will aid in their healing (mental, physical, and emotional) as well as increase the probability of the perpetrator being prosecuted. SART is a coordinated effort that calls upon many disciplines to ensure […]

Giving Guide: Top Ten Items

The Grateful Garment Project works to provide (new) clothing, food, and toiletries to men, women, and children who enter Sexual Assault Response Team facilities in hospitals (and other related service centers) throughout California. During their time in [these] facilities, victims are asked to hand over their clothing for forensic evidence. If there is no one […]

The Grateful Garment Blog

The Grateful Garment Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing new clothes, grooming items, food items, and other necessary items to victims of sexual assault. When a sexual assault victim enters the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) facility for an exam (rape kit), they are typically asked to surrender their clothing to provide […]

Grateful for New Journey Helping Victims; Fundraiser This Saturday

By Pam Marino – 07/19/2012 A chance conversation with a complete stranger and a college assignment are propelling Lisa Blanchard on an unexpected trajectory as the leader of a fast growing all-volunteer organization that extends comfort and aid to sexual assault victims across the State of California. Thanks to The Grateful Garment Project, started by […]

Grateful Garments Project makes VMC so…well, grateful

Source: Valley Medical Center Foundation. Monday, March 14, 2011 Just last week, Lifelines was thrilled to report on a remarkable woman, Lisa J. Blanchard, and the Grateful Garments Project. What started as a class assignment at Notre Dame de Namur University has blossomed into a resounding success. Lisa has been busy raising money to purchase […]