Would you ever leave your house without a bra ?

By Cynthia Rinaldo, Intern.

Bras are useful for many reasons. They are supportive, they can give you confidence, and, for most women, they can enhance the way your breasts look. Although recently there has been a no bra trend going on, most women still wear them in public for a very important reason –they just don’t feel comfortable not wearing one. And it’s not just the support bras give them.
I recently had a conversation with a 24-year-old San Jose State University female student about she feels about not wearing a bra in public. Her response sums up the way many, if not all, women feel. She thought that not wearing a bra is revealing and it is close to being nude because just wearing a typical t-shirt does not do the job
“I always wear a bra in public, if you do not wear a bra,you might as well wear nothing”, she said.
Imagine then how a victim of sexual assault feels when she is asked to surrender her bra along with the rest of her clothing so it can be used as evidence.
The Grateful Garment Project is holding a unique fundraiser for sexual assault survivors so they do not need to leave the hospital without a bra. Wearing a bra is essential for many reasons, and after being sexually assaulted some women might need it more than any other article of clothing. And yet, it is one of the least donated articles of clothing for TGGP.
So we’ve launched Operation emBRAce to collect 20,000 sports bras. So that when survivors leave the hospital they do not have to feel nude again. We are on the lookout for different locations to host the collections of sports bra donations. Anyone can easily help by donating a new bra and help survivors gain that confidence that their body is protected.