#MeToo a Year in Review

It has been one year since the #MeToo movement began and really took off in the social media scene.  This movement has removed men from their high-power positions and has made more people aware of sexual harassment in the workplace and how often it may be happening without it going noticed.

The #MeToo movement originally started 10 years ago as a grassroots effort by activist Tarana Burke, but it wasn’t until actress Alyssa Milano took those two words and formed it into a tweet where the movement soon became viral.  These two simple words were put into a hashtag where millions of women and some men who were fed up with the abuse of power were able to share their stories as well as bringing to light many stories of those that were ignored because they were in the limelight.



Pew Research Center did a recent study on the movement and found that the #MeToo hashtag was used more than 19 million times on Twitter since Alyssa Milano’s original tweet to bring awareness to sexual assault.  Their study found that the use of the hashtag often peaked after bigevents that were going on nationally especially in America.


This movement has not only made it possible for those who have gone through sexual harassment in the workplace to tell their story but it has also made others aware of it and to know if they have experienced it as well.  #MeToo has had such an impact on the community because it is something real and raw that many people are sadly able to relate to.  It has shown people that it is okay to tell your story and to speak up for yourself and that you do not have to feel ashamed for being a victim.


Sources: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/10/13/metoo-impact-hashtag-made-online/1633570002/

With this movement becoming so big in just the last year it has also brought attention to many other sexual harassment and assault related incidents and has made people more aware.  The Grateful Garment Project has seen an increase in help from people wanting to help victims of similar cases, but with that we need your help and more resources to reach an even greater amount of people.  Help join our mission!




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