Party With A Purpose on Super Bowl Sunday!

10 yard line Michael Li
Levi Stadium10 Yard Line by Michael Li

More than 40 million Americans will hold Super Bowl parties with friends and family this Sunday, enjoying plenty of guacamole and chicken wings while watching the Big Game. If you’re planning your own get together, turn it into a “party with a purpose” by asking guests to bring donations for The Grateful Garment Project! Join our team to restore dignity to victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking by collecting new clothing, backpacks, and other items from the TGGP Wish List.

It’s easy to collect items for TGGP:

  1. Contact your guests in advance and ask them to consider bringing a donation. Suggest a single item from the TGGP Wish List (sports bras, for example), or provide our Wish List link directly. Gently remind guests we can only take new items.
  1. Place a box or basket inside the door with a sign indicating it’s for TGGP donations, with the hashtag, “#restoredignity”.
  1. After the party contact TGGP so we can determine the easiest way to get your resources to us.

Don’t want to deal with a bunch of clothing? Collect monetary resources instead! Checks from guests made out to The Grateful Garment Project are super easy to drop in the mail. We will send a thank you to the person(s) and address printed on the check. All monies and resources collected go to help victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking.

Be a Super Sunday Social Media Super Star: Take a photo of your party and post to social media, using the hashtag “#restoredignity” and make sure to tag us (Facebook Link, Twitter Link, Instagram Link)!

Since last month we’ve been collecting items for our Pack-It-Forward program, which will put backpacks full of new clothing and useful items into the hands of rescued human sex trafficking victims, including commercially sexually exploited children. We purposely chose the lead up to the Super Bowl for our Pack-It-Forward program, because law enforcement expects a spike in human sex trafficking around the event.

So far we’ve collected backpacks, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and this week we’ve declared Feb. 7 to be “Sports Bra Sunday,” putting out the call for donations of new sports bras in all sizes. We really need your support! Help us score a touchdown!

For a complete list of resources needed, please see our Wish List.