Robbed of Their Innocence

As terrible as sexual assault is to anyone, another harsh reality is that even children suffer through this as well.  We hear more about cases involving females as the victims but often times males aren’t mentioned as much.  This is partially due to the fact that males are even less likely than females to report […]

Pack-It-Forward Third Quarter: Sweatshirts!

By Cristina Dilorio, TGGP Intern As the Super Bowl draws near, we focus not on the sport or athletes, but those who are affected by sex trafficking. Law enforcement expects a spike in reported cases due to this huge and popular event, which is why we are encouraging large amounts of donations in the coming […]

Pack-It-Forward’s Second Quarter: Sweatpants

By Nadia Malek, TGGP Intern Last week, we kicked off our countdown to the Super Bowl with First Quarter donations: new backpacks. Our goal is 250 full backpacks by Super Bowl Sunday to give to rescued commercially sexually exploited children and human sex trafficking victims. The backpacks as well as the items that go in them […]