Robbed of Their Innocence

As terrible as sexual assault is to anyone, another harsh reality is that even children suffer through this as well.  We hear more about cases involving females as the victims but often times males aren’t mentioned as much.  This is partially due to the fact that males are even less likely than females to report […]

Welcome back students…..and abusers?

Many campuses are returning back for the new school year and with a long list of worries from college why must students add on sexual assault to their list?  In recent years there have been many reports on sexual assault on various college campuses and the number continues to grow. It seems like there has been a surplus of sexual […]

Pack-It-Forward And Give a Gift of True Meaning

By Nadia Malek, TGGP Intern While we are buying gifts for our friends and loved ones this holiday season, taking a few minutes to buy much needed items for someone victimized by human trafficking will make all the difference in the world. The Grateful Garment Project’s Pack-It-Forward program needs your help to do just that, […]