The Grateful Garment Project Impact Story

Our organization The Grateful Garment Project helps victims who have been mistreated and gives them a new start.  But, with this comes hearing some of the heartbreaking stories from their past.  Although these stories are difficult to hear and read they are inspiring to see how much of an impact our organization has made on a person.

Below is a story we received about a young girl and the trauma she had experienced.  One of our partnering agencies reached out to us to help them out with having her feel more at ease and with just a few things The Grateful Garment Project was able to restore some comfort back into her life.

“A 14 year old girl poured her story out to us; her adoptive father had raped her. She had nowhere to turn and had suffered unimaginable trauma over and over again. She was reluctant to trust us, as the system had failed her when she had plead for help months earlier. We slowly gained back her trust. The relief in her eyes when the detective told her she would stay with the foster family she had been placed with over the weekend, was heart wrenching. Her shoulders physically lifted with a sigh of relief. Over the next few meetings with our girl we learned that her mother had been giving her such heavy drugs that she was in fear things were happening to her while she slept. I went home that night thinking what would it be like to close my eyes at night and wonder if I would be safe until morning? We wanted to if nothing else to give her a more peaceful experience as she lay in her new bed, in her new home, safe with her new family. We turned to grateful garment. With grateful garments help we were able to provide this sweet, strong, teen with a new bed set and light to help ease her into her new loving home. It seems small, a bed set and a night light that dances stars across your ceiling, but to a girl whose innocence, safety and peace had been stolen from her, it meant the world. Thank you Grateful Garment for making these moments possible. We couldn’t do it without you.”

We couldn’t do this without all the amazing and generous donations from people and other organizations.  To find out more about our mission and different ways you can help check out our website!

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