Step up for victims of sexual violence.

What is Walk4Dignity?

Walk4Dignity is The Grateful Garment Project’s (TGGP) month-long virtual walkathon where participants can either be walkers, pledgers, or both!

Walk4Dignity seeks to educate and empower members of the community to stand against sexual violence.

Walk4Dignity strives to unite walkers and pledgers from their local & virtual communities to join and stand in solidarity with victims of sexual violence.

Walk4Dignity is an encouraging way to stay actively motivated by incorporating a valuable mission to your health, fitness, and lifestyle!

Why participate?

How is this helping?


You are helping: Your cardiac muscles by getting them moving, meanwhile gathering contributions towards supporting services for victims of sexual violence!


You are helping: Reinforce a network of support for victims of sexual violence, meanwhile creating awareness in your local & virtual communities. Remember, sexual violence stops at no one!


You are helping: Sustain The Grateful Garment Project in providing essential resources for victims of sexual violence statewide receiving services during their time-of-need!

Be a walker!

2-Step Registration…

Step 1: Let us know your on board! Please fill & submit this form (click here) to register with The Grateful Garment Project first! This is very important, we need to be in touch with you about the walkathon! (Plus, we need your contact for the finale-event invite, mark your calendar April 30!)

Step 2: Set up your 99Pledges virtual walkathon-pledge page! After completing the Google registration form from step 1, click the link in the confirmation message to 99Pledges. This link will take you to the Walk4Dignity 99Pledges page where you will “add participant” and create your walker pledge-page. Your personal walker page is a public live-feed of your progress, you can also add a photo to personalize your page! (Note: If you prefer to participate using hard-copy sheets instead of the 99Pledges.com platform, please contact us!)

Gather the troops! Establish allies against sexual violence!

Step 3: Share your walkathon pledge page to gather pledges! After registering and setting up your walkathon page (99Pledges.com account), share it with your networks and with the worldwide web!

Step 4: Be about it-walk about it: Do the dignity walk! Walk your miles pledged throughout April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month! You can always start sooner, any day is a great day for fitness & a good cause! Please remember, only whole miles can be recorded (so round up or down to the nearest mile accordingly!)

Be a pledger!

To pledge directly towards Walk4Dignity:

Click here to donate to Grateful Garment Project’s Walk4Dignity. Any and all amounts will go towards sustaining operations supporting victims of sexual violence.

To pledge towards specific walker(s):

Walkers are provided with personal pledge-pages for Walk4Dignity. There are 2 methods to access a walker’s virtual pledge-page.

Method #1: Use walker’s direct URL link to access their personal virtual pledge-page. Ask your walker to share it with you! (They should have received it via email when they created their pledge page.)

Method #2: Search for walker by name in the search bar (“locate participant”) on the Walk4Dignity 99Pledge.com page, click here. The search bar will autogenerate any walkers matching your search query.

Save the Date!

April 30, 2022 (1 – 4 PM)

1777 Hamilton Avenue #2280,

San Jose, CA 95125.

Walk4Dignity Finale Community Celebration

We want to meet our allies & celebrate your outstanding achievements! Please join us for an afternoon ceremony of honoring accomplishments- filled with community building, education, entertainment, and treats of course!

Please join us! RSVP here!

Fundraising & Social Media Tools

Use the graphics below to promote your participation in the walkathon on your social media platforms! Click on the thumbnail to download full-size image.

What is sexual violence?

Myth/fallacy: Sexual assault means rape.

Reality: Sexual violence is not limited to rape. A sexual assault means, but is not limited to: rape, molestation, sexual harassment, human sexual trafficking, and child exploitation

Myth/fallacy: It only happens to women.

Reality: Although popular media shows women being on the higher spectrum of being victims of sexual violence, the terrible truth is: SEXUAL VIOLENCE CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, and class.

Myth/fallacy: Reporting sexual violence means providing a description of what happened to police officers.

Reality: A victim seeking help can report an assault to service providers (our partners) like, Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART), a specialized trauma team at participating clinics/hospitals that perform forensic exams known as “rape kits”. Rape kits require the victim to surrender all clothing as forensic-evidence to seek justice. This is actually how & why The Grateful Garment Project (TGGP) was born, and people like you is what keeps us operating! (Prior to TGGP, victims in CA would go home in hospital gowns or paper scrubs afterwards!)

FAQ & Tips

Contact Us

Questions, concerns, compliments, or to participate as a partner at finale-event:

Contact The Grateful Garment Project Office:

(408) 674-5744

Monday – Friday (9 AM – 4PM).

Leave us a voicemail if we miss your call, we love hearing from you! <3