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Items distributed by The Grateful Garment Project during our fiscal year 2016-2017:


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The terrible truth

When sexual assault victims seek medical attention and rape kits are performed, those women, men and children are asked to surrender their clothing for DNA evidence. Once clothing has been surrendered, the traumatized victim has nothing else to wear home but a hospital gown…only adding insult to injury. Together, with your help, we can provide victims with the resources necessary to take the first step on the road to healing.

How we help

The Grateful Garment Project is proud to provide new clothing, food, grooming supplies and other vital resources to Sexual Assault Service Providers throughout the State of California via 6 core programs:

  • Resource Closets
  • Human Trafficking/CSEC Resources
  • Pack-It Forward
  • Youth Gift-Card/Incentive Program
  • Dress for Dignity
  • Beautification Projects

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