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Padma Profile

Board President

Padma Velmulapalli

Padma is an experienced technology executive currently leading NetSuite Platform at Oracle Inc. Prior to Oracle, she held different leadership positions at Cisco and AT&T. She specializes in building SaaS products and leading digital transformations. Padma holds an Executive MBA from Michigan Ross and a M.S. in Computer Science from Wright State University. She is passionate about encouraging women in technology, STEM education for girls, early childhood education, and mentoring. She plans to bring her professional experience to contribute to strategy and growth for TGGP.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, gardening, and travelling.

Yvonne Murray

Yvonne is a changemaker, known for building community partnerships to solve shared problems. After 20+ years of leadership in the technology space, Yvonne pivoted to a full-time focus on community activism. Her strong sense of purpose, along with a talent for collaboration, and her ability to get things done are a powerful combination both in business and her work in the community. Yvonne is known for balancing a practical, pragmatic approach to problem solving, with a deep and compassionate understanding of the personal impact. By looking at both hard data and personal impact, she is able to find common ground for collaborative problem solving on difficult topics. Yvonne believes that better IS possible together, and is building connections and collaborations to make that happen. For relaxation, Yvonne enjoys attending Sharks games with her family, cycling with friends, and reading good books.

Clorinda lg

Interim Treasurer

Clorinda Sammis
After stepping down from the Board of a local nonprofit organization Clorinda was looking for another organization in which she could make a difference. After meeting with Lisa Blanchard and learning about the mission of The Grateful Garment Project she knew she had found that organization. Prior to retirement she worked for over 30 years at various high tech companies in the Silicon Valley. In her last position as Director of Finance and Administration she was a member of the senior management team. As a member of TGGP Board she looks forward to using the skills gained throughout her career. She loves to travel, especially to Italy, wine tasting in the Paso Robles area and spending time with family and friends.
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Board Member

Sumati Natarajan

Sumati is an active community member with a background in technology and management. She is a strategic technology & management leader with 20+ years of progressive experience in various management roles. She is an alumni of Santa Clara University holding Masters in Computer Engineering. Throughout her career, she has built and worked with worldwide teams of various cultures and ethnicities. Sumati leads with compassion, fostering collaboration and relationships. Her love for wanting to form a better community has guided her to various volunteering projects for the past 20+ years. She has been serving as a core volunteer of a spiritual Non-Profit Organization in various capacities, from being a Sunday School Teacher for 18 years, enabling her to work with kids & teenagers, to volunteering at community service events through Chinmaya Mission San Jose, giving her a chance to help out the needy. She plans to bring her professional experience of technology, strategic planning and process improvement to achieve organizational and operational excellence to TGGP.


Board Member

Cheryl Mathews
Cheryl Mathews has been a community leader and dedicated volunteer in diverse capacities and organizations for over four decades. Her philanthropic life journey in her Los Altos Hills community started with serving as a Girl Scout leader for over seven years, helping young girls develop leadership skills and a sense of purpose. Cheryl was also a founding board member for the Los Altos Orchard Valley chapter of The National Charity League, a mother-daughter philanthropy and leadership program that empowers young women.  Cheryl enjoyed a successful career in the high-tech industry. For over two decades, she contributed her expertise in sales and marketing to prominent companies such as Intel. “Working in the tech sector laid a strong foundation for my future endeavors,” she says. Cheryl left the tech world to start a family. Her career path took an intriguing turn when she ventured into the field of Building Biology with an advanced degree as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Through her company, Healthy Home Advisor, Cheryl helps individuals and families create healthier living spaces and teaches how to live safely with the technology we can’t live without. Cheryl also founded California For Safe Technology, a public interest group that works with community members on local, state, and national issues regarding safe technology. Beyond her professional life, Cheryl is an avid tennis player, frequently competing on the courts. However, she shares, “It’s my passion for philanthropy that truly defines my life. As a faithful Christian, I firmly believe in the golden rule and the significance of helping others. The volunteer work closest to Chery’s heart to date is her role as a board member for The Grateful Garment Project.  Cheryl was deeply moved when she learned about the alarming scope of this issue in the Bay Area, which motivated her to act. Cheryl now dedicates her time and efforts to educate others about TGGP and to raise crucial funds to support its mission. “I am grateful to be able to make a significant difference in the lives of those in need,” she says.
JR McKee

Board Member

Armin “J.R.” McKee

Armin “JR” McKee is a highly experienced and dedicated real estate advisor and community leader in Silicon Valley with over 42 years of industry expertise. With a deep understanding of the local area, he is committed to making a positive impact in the community. Since 1999, JR has been a crucial member of the Kiwanis Club of Campbell, serving as a Kiwanis Key Club Advisor, past president, vice president, board member and key stakeholder helping to impact the lives of children and the Campbell Community. JR is also an active member of various non-profit organizations, including the Campbell Museum & Ainsley House Foundation, where he served as a past board member for ten years. JR is a valuable board member of The Grateful Garment Project, a non-profit that supports survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. With his extensive knowledge and experience in real estate and community service, he contributes significantly to the organization’s mission.

Patrick Hammons

Board Member

Patrick Hammon

Patrick is an experienced commercial litigator with a J.D. from UCLA Law School who has lived in San Jose for virtually all of his life.  A dedicated advocate and advisor for both large public companies and promising startups in his professional life, Patrick is a firm believer in building bridges in the Silicon Valley for the betterment of his community in his personal life.  He strongly believes in the mission of The Grateful Garment Project, and is inspired everyday by its selfless commitment to treating survivors with respect and dignity.  Outside of his legal practice and TGGP, you will often see Patrick with his caring wife Courtney, his baby boy Elliott, his two labs Willow and Walter, and a couple times a year as Santa Claus at Christmas in the Park.


Board Member

Alexis Pace

Alexis has 18+ years working across all disciplines within the marketing field (print, TV, radio, events, promotions, brand ambassadors, social media, digital, influencers, research, and analysis). Alexis holds an Executive MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and B.A.s in Art and International Studies from Kenyon College. She has completed various marketing certification programs at UCLA, the American Marketing Association, and the Digital Marketing Institute. Alexis was born and raised in Latin America, and is fluent in English and Spanish. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, checking out and making art, traveling, and outdoor activities, primarily hiking, kayaking, and scuba diving.

Javiera Headshot

Board Member

Javiera Condell

Javiera Condell is a Latina professional with a diverse background in sociology, anthropology, and digital marketing. Originally from Chile, Javiera embarked on her academic journey in the social sciences, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and cultural dynamics. Seeking new horizons, she relocated to the United States and furthered her education, specializing in digital marketing. Javiera then co-founded Minka Marketing, a 360 bilingual (English and Spanish) marketing agency. As the co-owner, Javiera plays a pivotal role in driving the success of the agency. Minka offers a wide range of services, including brand strategy, brand advocacy and education, analysis, market research, design services, and presentation design and consulting. Beyond her professional pursuits, Javiera is deeply passionate about social causes, particularly the fight against sexual violence. Her dedication and compassion led her to become a board member of the Grateful Garment Project, where she now works with the marketing team.


Board Member

Marcia Rendall

After spending a Saturday morning as a Weekend Warrior volunteering with The Grateful Garment Project and learning about the mission of TGGP, Marcia was inspired to seek other volunteer opportunities within the organization. She quickly became a weekly volunteer. Marcia is dedicated to contributing to TGGP’s mission to help sexual assault survivors retain their dignity and begin the healing process. She is passionate about spreading awareness, especially with teens and young adults. In addition to joining the TGGP board, Marcia will continue to volunteer weekly. She has first-hand knowledge that without dedicated volunteers The Grateful Garment Project could not accomplish the important work it does. She served as the committee chair for the Spring 2023 DigniTea and worked closely with the co-chairs for the Fall 2023 DigniTea, which is the most successful TGGP fundraiser to date. In addition to TGGP Marcia has volunteered with Second Harvest, Sacred Heart, San Jose Public Library and Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer walks.


Board Member

Ritwick Chatterjee

Ritwick has 15+ years of experience as an HR Digital Transformation specialist, implementing scalable solutions that drive efficiency, simplify processes, and improve employee experience. Experience working with startups to Fortune 500 companies. Through his involvement with Grateful Garment Project, a mission-driven organization dedicated to restoring dignity to those affected by sexual violence, he aims to give back to the community and contribute to its betterment. Ritwick aims to apply his extensive experience in technology, strategic planning, and process improvement to enhance organizational and operational excellence at TGGP.

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