Volunteers Amplifying Dignity

Volunteer Virtually!


We are excited to welcome you to the Amplifying Dignity program, where you can meaningfully contribute to your community from anywhere and at your own pace. This virtual volunteering program is open to anyone seeking to get involved but may be limited geographically or on a busy schedule, all participants must submit a registration form.

Get Started by Registering:


  • click the button below to open & fill-out registration form 
  • confirm your 3 activities on the registration form
  • once introduced & verified by a TGGP team member, complete your selected activities within the set 30-day period and submit required proof 
  • receive your 10-hour verified community service certificate.

Take a Look:


The “ABC Activity Menu” (linked below) will help you decide how to get involved, you will select one activity per column to complete; making a total of 3 activities. Registered volunteers are to complete their 3 activities during a 30-day period which will earn them 10 verified community service hours from The Grateful Garment Project.

Have more questions or additional ideas on how to volunteer virtually? Please contact us at:


(Note: Please include “Amplifying Dignity” in the title of your email).