The Grateful Garment Project is a non-profit organization whose entire mission is to assist in the process of returning dignity to victims of sexual violence. We accomplish this by providing resources to Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) facilities, Community Based Organizations (CBO), social service and law enforcement agencies, to benefit people who have been victims of sexual assault. Our scope is wide but our purpose is narrow: To reduce any further negative impact on victims of sexual assault.



The Grateful Garment Project respectfully contributes to a demographic region with an immense population of over 18 million, and growing. We are expanding, and with your joint support, are hoping to provide our services throughout all of California in the near future. Our dream is for the world to not need for us to exist, but until the day when sexual assault is no longer a threat, we will continue to thrive and compassionately assist victims.

Garvin Thomas of NBC Bay Area Proud interviewed
Founder and Executive Director Lisa J. Blanchard






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