Every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.



A Dollar A Day Challenge


Join us in restoring dignity to victims of sexual violence for just a dollar a day… for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe you can become a restorer of dignity!

Operation Esteem: Youth Incentive Program


Operation Esteem is one of The Grateful Garment Project’s many newest programs that focuses on the emotional and physical health of youth.

When sexual assault victims seek medical attention and rape kits are performed, those adults, seniors, and children are asked to surrender their clothing for DNA evidence. Once clothing has been surrendered, the traumatized victim has nothing else to wear home but a hospital gown.

What We Do


The Grateful Garment Project provides victims of sexual violence the clothing and other resources they need to reclaim their dignity and begin the healing process.   We work with hospitals, shelters, law enforcement and other nonprofits to meet victims’ immediate needs after a crisis, and support their ongoing needs along their road to recovery

RESOURCE CLOSETS:  Provides emergency resources for victims of sexual violence once they have undergone a forensic examination or have sought Sexual Violence Service Provider services.

BEYOND-THE-CLOSET (HUMAN TRAFFICKING/CSEC RESOURCES): Provides additional resources (clothing, toiletries, etc.) to safe houses, shelters, and group homes for victims who don’t have a safe place to return.

PACK-IT FORWARD:  Emergency portable packs provided to Law Enforcement/Sexual Violence Service Providers for human trafficking and CSEC victims.

OPERATION ESTEEM:  Gift cards provided to encourage youth to attend follow up medical and/or counseling appointments.

DRESS FOR DIGNITY:  Gift cards provided to our clients to be used for the purchase of court appropriate clothing for low income and/or foster care survivors; helping to provide dignity and confidence during the court process.

BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS:  Helping transform service provider atmospheres into settings conducive to healing.

Together, with your help,

we can provide victims with the resources necessary to take the first step on the road to healing.

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